Biotech Incubator

LDI provides management services for LIMR's early-stage biotech incubator. The incubator presents a 'warm environment' for budding new companies that can benefit from the unique community of science and health care at Lankenau. LDI's business support and LIMR's research environment provide the resources needed for new discoveries to be prepared for clinical testing. These include shared equipment and scientific services, a brand new 6,500 sq. ft. vivarium, and a unique collaborative scientific and clinical community with other biotech start-up companies, non-profit research faculty and Lankenau physicians.

For more information on the LIMR Incubator, please call 484-476-3474.


Companies presently located in our incubator are:

Aviana Molecular Technologies

Aviana Molecular Technologies (AMT) is a development stage company focused on marketing a new generation of innovative, highly sensitive and specific, State-of-the-Art Biosensors specifically targeting point-of-care (POC) diagnostic products for human healthcare and veterinary medicine.

CD Diagnostics

CD Diagnostics has developed and patented technology that enables clear, accurate and rapid diagnosis of infected joints by orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists.

Eunoia Biotech

Eunoia Biotech is a preclinical-stage company developing nanotherapeutics and nanoparticle formulations for targeted delivery. Their patented technology can be tailored for a wide range of applications including improving pharmacokinetics (PK), enhancing drug efficacy, and delivering biologic drugs to intracellular targets.

HaRo Pharmaceutical is a seed-stage startup drug discovery company that focuses on developing novel, integrated and proprietary small hybrid molecules for the treatment of neural crest-derived and other poorly differentiated tumors.

Immunome, Inc.

Immunome, Inc. has proprietary technology to generate human monoclonal antibodies from naturally occurring antibodies in patients for use in neurology, infectious disease, and cancer.

Inventox, LLC

Inventox is developing technologies to foster the development of mucosal vaccines to protect against potential bioweapons, such as botulinum toxin, and a carrier polypeptide to create novel drugs and vaccines that can be administered by the oral and inhalation routes.


RiboNova develops and commercializes targeted therapeutic products and companion diagnostic tests based on novel cancer biomarkers that may play a critical role in protein synthesis and cellular control.



The Lankenau Institute for Medical Research is a member of the BioLaunch 611+ Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ), a Pennsylvania initiative to help early stage companies thrive in our region.

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