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Welcome: Eunoia Biotech (11/7/2013)

Eunoia Biotech, the newest member of the LIMR Biotech Incubator, is an early-stage company developing nanotherapeutics and nanoparticle formulations for targeted delivery. Their patented technology can be tailored for a wide range of applications including improving pharmacokinetics (PK), enhancing drug efficacy, and delivering biologic drugs to intracellular targets.

LIMR Chemical Genomics Center Achieves Second Research Milestone with Dynamis Therapeutics for Treatment of Diabetes Complications (8/19/2013)

Discovery Channelís Health Heroes to Feature LIMR Biotech Incubator Company CD Diagnostics on April 15th (4/10/2013)

LIMR and Monk Street Partners Form Liaison for Commercial Development of Zinc Health Technology (04/01/2013)

LIMR Incubator Company Augmenta Biologicals Receives Patent for Improved Vaccine Technology (01/21/2013)

LIMR and Genisphere Expand Partnership to Collaborate on Nanotherapeutics Targeting Cancer and Eye Diseases (11/30/2012)

The Gates Foundation Awards LCGC a Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Groundbreaking Research in Global Health and Development (11/01/2012)

LIMR Deepens Research Collaboration with Genisphere on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (07/10/2012)

Paper Authored by LIMR Professor Using CellCountEZ® is Featured as a Key Scientific Article of Global Medical Discovery (07/02/2012)

HaRo Pharmaceutical is the Latest Edition to LIMR's Incubator (03/30/2012)

HaRo Pharmaceutical is an early seed-stage startup focusing on drug discovery in the area of cancer treatment. They are currently developing novel, integrated and proprietary small hybrid molecules that will modulate cell differentiation and proliferation in neural crest-derived tumors, leukemia, and other poorly differentiated cancers. HaRo's research has shown that their compounds may be specific to cancer cells, leading to better drug tolerance and fewer side effects while sparing healthy cells.

CD Diagnostics Receives Funding from Ben Franklin Technology Partners (01/11/2012)

CD Diagnostics was recently selected to receive funding from Ben Franklin Technologies, an investment group that provides critical capital, business development, and management consulting to seed and early-stage companies in southeastern Pennsylvania. According to CD Diagnostics CEO Richard Birkmeyer, "State sponsored funds have significant benefits to a start-up company. The actual dollars enable a company to move a concept through research and development, supporting both personnel and supply costs. An even greater benefit is that the funding acts as a 'stamp of approval' on a company when it comes from a group as widely respected as Ben Franklin." CD Diagnostics was founded by LIMR faculty member and Lankenau orthopedic surgeon Carl Deirmengian, MD, to develop rapid, accurate tests that better diagnose the causes of joint pain.

New Addition to LIMR Biotech Incubator: TegoPharm (01/01/2012)

Tegopharm Corporation is an early stage drug discovery company that focuses on developing therapeutic antibodies with dramatically improved therapeutic indices. The company's proprietary platform is based on the creation of highly-specific antibodies to diseased tissue or pathological processes. Tegopharm's patentable technology has the potential to dramatically reduce treatment limiting side effects, improving patient compliance and enabling more intensive therapy.

LIMR Development, Inc. (LDI) Sells First Research Product, CellCountEZ™ (09/2011)

LIMR Development, Inc. (LDI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, handles all of LIMR's business development initiatives. The first direct sale product released by LDI this year is CellCountEZ™, a cell toxicity, proliferation, and survival (TPS) assay kit.

CellCountEZ™ is a tissue culture media-based assay that can measure metabolically active live cells and quantify cell death caused by radiation, chemotherapeutics, or toxins. All current approaches on the market, some in use for several decades, have a variety of disadvantages, including non-linearity, high background, and cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming protocols. There is great interest in improved methods of cell quantitation, which is important for applications in cell biology, toxicology, drug screening, and many other biosciences.

CellCountEZ™ offers many advantages that make it superior to common existing methods for quantifying cell proliferation, toxicity, and survival. CellCountEZ™ is better than other available assays because its reagents are readily soluble, membrane permeable, and converted by live cells intracellularly before transport into the extracellular culture media. There is no need to lyse cells, saving time while preserving the ability to perform other cellular tests in the same culture system. 2 simple steps make CellCountEZ™ easier and faster to use than other products on the market.

LDI also sells other research products, including immuno-modulating antibodies and OxPhos™, a kit that measures the antioxidant capacity of cells in tissue culture or whole blood by quantifying total glutathione recycling and function.

These and other products are available on LDI's website,, or by calling 484-476-3474.

CD Diagnostics Latest Company to Join LIMR Biotech Incubator (07/01/2011)

Expanded Role for LIMR's For-Profit Subsidiary, LIMR Development, Inc. (07/01/2011)

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