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OxPhos Assay Kit
OxPhos® is a tissue culture medium-based novel assay that measures the glutathione recycling capacity/glutathione function of cells in culture and whole blood.

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant that limits cellular damage in healthy tissues during oxidative stress. Glutathione functions to maintain thiol redox homeostasis. It is also centrally involved in repairing damage induced by cancer drugs and radiation and in the detoxification of several commonly used cancer chemotherapeutic drugs. These processes cause altered glutathione homeostasis in both normal and cancer tissues. Therefore, glutathione homeostasis by recycling of oxidized glutathione is necessary for the survival of cells. Moreover, it is apparent that the glutathione recycling capacity rather than the level of glutathione is prognostic.

Unlike other complicated assays on the market that measure only glutathione levels, OxPhos® measures the entire glutathione recycling capacity of your cells in just 4 easy steps. OxPhos® has multiple applications in aging, oxidative stress, antioxidant screening, chemotherapy response and toxicology.

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