LIMR Development, Inc. (LDI) is the business development subsidiary of Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR). LDI promotes the research conducted by LIMR scientists through technology development and commercialization, including licensing opportunities.

Our researchers are actively working to take their discoveries from bench to bedside by way of an exceptional environment where translational research has a profound impact in both commercial and clinical settings. LDI works closely with LIMR scientists to move their ideas through the patent process, help them explore all of their potential commercial avenues, and ensure they become successful.

Business Development

Product Pipeline

  • Coming Soon - Keralogix™ - LDI's proprietary technology for producing normal human keratinocytes that grow far beyond their usual short lifespan
  • Cell toxicity, proliferation, and survival
    (TPS) assay CellCountEZ® - A more accurate, simple, and quicker alternative to existing cell quantitation assays
  • OxPhos®, an assay that measures the total antioxidant capacity of cells
  • Outlicensing, Joint Ventures and Partnerships


Research at LIMR

LIMR scientists are focusing their research on cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, using basic and preclinical findings to create new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic tools for clinical use.

LDI Research Products

Sold exclusively through
LIMR Development

The easier, more effective way
to quantitate cell survival and proliferation

Measure the entire glutathione recycling capacity of your cells.

LIMR Antibodies
LIMR Cardiovascular
Research Group (CRG)
  • Cardiac Safety
    Assessment Services